Hot Stones Massage

Days Available:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Health Centre Therapist

Becky Thurgood, ITEC SNSH (Dip)

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A delicious Swedish based massage that begins with you lying face downwards.  Work begins on the back with normal hand massage to identify knotted areas.  The whole body is treated – even between the toes and around the face.

Various sized smooth basalt stones are pre cleansed and heated to a perfect temperature.  These stones hold the heat well and some will be placed directly onto your body eg back or palm of hands. Other stones are used by your therapist to massage, smooth and ease tension in the muscles.   The warmth helps the muscle to relax too as well as feeling comforting.

On occasions it may be necessary to use cold stones, typically where there is inflammation.

All in all a fabulous de stress as well as therapeutic.