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Wind down / relaxation
Cellulite/Lymph Drainage Treatment
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Hopi Ear Candling
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Natural Facelift Massage
NRG Nutrition
McTimoney Chiropractic
Yoga 1:1 Training
Natural Facelift Massage
Treatment Prices
Per session
Time (approx)
45 mins
Health Centre Therapist
Becky Thurgood

Availablle: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

A unique blend of massage, beauty facial and acupressure techniques to rejuvenate the face. Don’t fancy needles or surgical procedures? - no we don’t fancy a botox treatment either! Why not try this unique treatment? It is a relaxing and pleasant process and noticeable differences can be observed straight away. Afterwards your skin feels more attached to your face, sounds weird I know but we can’t think of a better way to describe it! This treatment can also be quite cleansing and an odd “breakout” can occur so best to book several days in advance of a big occasion.