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Under 12s
Follow up
Time (approx)
60 mins
Health Centre Therapist
Angie Young

Should we spell homœopathy or homeopathy? The former is correct and is the English spelling so I have chosen this! The second spelling is an Americanised spelling.

Your first consultation will take approximately 1 ½ hours. During this time, all aspects of your health and symptoms will be discussed. You will probably also be asked how these symptoms are affecting you emotionally and what impact they have on your day to day life and whether you have noticed any specific patterns about them. You will be free to share your presenting problem/symptom, family history, emotional tendencies, likes and dislikes etc.

After the consultation I will analyse the information you have given me and I will prescribe your homœopathic medicine. You will receive the medicine within 3-4 days after your consultation, with full instructions how to take it.

You will be given powders, drops or tablets. These are to be dissolved in water or put straight into the mouth. Homœopathy is given for the shortest possible time, sometimes only one, or two doses. Then we wait for the medicine to complete its action. Appointments are generally spaced at monthly intervals for this to happen.

Homœopathy has become so successful that it is used by a large number of people all over the world who, when ill, consult a Homœopath as their first choice. Making the right choice on how to treat ill health, whether it is for you or a member of your family is very important. It is reassuring to know that when making this choice that homœopathy always works gently and naturally.

I see that treating the body naturally and safely is the choice of a growing number of people who have tried conventional medicine and not found a relief to their problem.

At Rolls Mill I treat a large number of people of all ages suffering from a wide variety of illnesses. These range from 'acute' illnesses like coughs, colds & flu, to more chronic problems i.e. panic attacks, anxiety, depression, low energy, insomnia, headaches, skin eruptions, inflammation and infections, digestive problems like IBS & bloating and hormonal imbalances.


‘Angela has been treating my two young boys (who both have Aspergers syndrome) for a few years now. She has treated them both with homœopathy and flower remedies. The treatments have been very effective, both with acute and ongoing issues. In particular treatments have helped to support behaviour patterns. Angela is a very warm and caring person who shows real empathy with the boys making, the consultations very calm and relaxed.’ H.J Gillingham.

My work as a Homœopath

My work as a Homœopath is like the work of a “detective”. During your consultation I will observe you and take down information about you and then process and reflect on the gathered information to determine your underlying disturbance. This process can be thought of as a mystery, where as a Homœopathic "detective" I attempt to discover where the flow of energy in your body has been blocked or interrupted. Each sign/symptom given by you is a clue to determine the correct remedy.

Eye contact, body posture, breathing patterns, voice quality, and expressions are also noted as potential clues. Next, the information must be reconstructed, as it in a mystery novel. When all of the information regarding your physical, mental and emotional symptoms has been received, the final search for the solution begins. My goal is not only to remove the symptoms, but also to eliminate the essential problem by stimulating the body’s natural healing powers. This is the reason for obtaining such a detailed analysis of the patient.

The aim of Homœopathy

Symptoms are the language of a disease. They are the body’s attempt to balance itself. Without symptoms, a person could have a potentially life threatening illness with no means of identification.

A fever is the body’s attempt to activate the immune system’s white blood cells and defend itself from infection. If a person is given an allopathic medication to suppress symptoms they will be less able to fight the infection.

Homœopathy does not remove or suppress symptoms. Its goal is to recognize and remove the underlying cause of these symptoms. This is why a homeopath will work toward understanding the whole person, body, mind and emotional state and only then prescribe a remedy. Conventional (allopathic) medicine usually relies on treating a patient’s physical signs and symptoms. This treatment might also see a person’s symptoms as needing to be controlled, suppressed or eliminated.