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Aromatherapy is much more than "massage with a nice smell"! The originator of aromatherapy, a French chemist called Gattefossé, used the aroma of essential oils in a medicinal way without using massage. However, nowadays aromatherapy often uses massage in conjunction with the healing properties of the oil to bring about stimulation of the body's own natural healing mechanisms. This relaxing treatment is especially useful for lymphatic drainage and for de-stressing.
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy

What does it involve?

Aromatherapy is a massage technique using essential oils. It is a modern version of an ancient healing art aimed to restore balance between body and mind. In an Aromatherapy treatment essential oils are applied to the skin and worked into the body using sweeping motions that focus on the nervous system and the channels of energy that oriental practitioners call the meridians.

What does aromatherapy do?

The massage loosens tight muscles and blocked tissues, improving the blood supply to, and drainage of lymph (with accumulated toxins) from the area worked on. As the skin responds to the massage the nerve endings communicate with the internal organs and systems of the body.

Which oils do I need?

The choice of oil will vary according to the needs of the individual and the degree of "imbalance". For example high/low blood pressure, hormonal imbalance or over/under stimulation of the digestive tract.

The subtle properties of the wide variety of oils, when used correctly will not carry the risks of synthetic drugs. As one example; essential oil of chamomile is strongly anti-inflammatory and therefore excellent for helping with muscular aches and arthritis as well as allergic asthma and eczema.

Although not chosen for their scent the smell of the oils does impact on the body too. The nose contains millions of neurones (olfactory receptors) that send messages to the emotional centre of the brain (limbic system). This system is connected to other parts of the brain controlling heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory and reaction to stress. The glands, which regulate our hormone balance, are also connected to the limbic system. Therefore, as the body is massaged with essential oil, chosen for its health improving quality, the psychological as well as the physiological benefits are being reaped. By working on the body and the brain simultaneously, stress can be calmed while also stimulating energy flow, tension relieved whilst toxins are eliminated and building healthy tissue.

What is the impact of Aromatherapy?

The immediate effect on the skin is to penetrate and deeply moisturise, improving elasticity and suppleness and stimulation of new cells. The essential oils will go on working within the body as they penetrate the skin and therefore should not be washed off for at least 6 hours following a treatment.

Who will benefit?

People of all ages will benefit from Aromatherapy, whether it is targeting a specific problem or is to prevent illness and strengthen immunity. In a very powerful way it can positively affect our physical and emotional well being.

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